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LoanRaahi Loans & its USP

LoanRaahi is a doorway that works as intermediary between client looking to take loan and various existing lenders present in the market. We are safe, fast, organised and have quick and great customer support team. We help you get the loan quick and easy.

Our Services

Business Loan

Business Term Loan are the definitive commercial loan, commonly used for major investment in the business or in an asset addition.

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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property is the part of secured loan where the borrower gets 70% – 90% of the property value for maximum term of 15 years.

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Personal Loans

Personal Loan is a part of unsecured loan as it does not require any security against it. It is best loan to meet your current financial requirements.

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Online Seller Finance

LoanRaahi offers Online Seller Finance as a solution for your online business financial needs. Get twice amount of your monthly sales for maximum of 180 days.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance or Loan Against Credit Card Swipes or Loan Against EDC Sales provides power to the retailers to take Loan Against Card Sales.

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Home Loan

For many people paying the total cast of the new house in one go is impossible. Here Property Loan or Home Loan gives a big support to buy your new house.

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Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a fast and smooth way to fund up to 100% amount of the computers, machinery, vehicles, or anything else you need to run your business.

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Invoice Financing

Accounts receivables financing companies lends you cash collateralised by your business’s outstanding invoices giving you an excellent way to put more investment into your business instantly.

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Inventory Financing

One part of loan that might assist you and your revenue model is inventory financing. As its name, inventory financing allows you to authorise your major business investment.

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How it works

Frequently asked questions

1. Is a LoanRaahi Loan right for my business use?
We help businesses in getting short-term, flexible loans in a simple and capable way. If are a proud owner of a business with frequent working capital needs, loans through LoanRaahi will provide you easy access to funds to invest in growth of your business, cover expenses or pay suppliers.
2. How much can I get and for how long?
You can draw loans ranging from ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 35,00,000 depending on your income, repayment capacity, and rating. The loans are offered for a repayment tenure of up to 5 years.
3. What is the rate offered?
The rate offered depends on your credit evaluation and thereafter the rate offered by our lending partner(s).
4. Who can apply?
Anyone, above 18 years of age, who is in need of capital can apply though LoanRaahi for a loan. You could be a salaried individual or running your enterprise.
5. I already have one loan running through LoanRaahi, can I apply again and how?
Of course! It’s so easy and quick to borrow loan through LoanRaahi that we recommend you to borrow loan as per your need and borrow more if your need increases.
6. Who will service me during my loan term?
LoanRaahi is dedicated to serve you during the entire Loan Process. The expert team of LoanRaahi will assist you when and wherever required.
7. Who will offer loan to me?
We are open to all financial institutions to lend from us. The specific lender who has offered to lend you money will be clearly mentioned in your loan agreement.
8. What is CIBIL Company Credit Report?
CIBIL Credit Report is the actual testimony of your credit payment history collected from information received from various credit lenders. Credit lenders are Financial Institutions, leading Banks, Housing Finance Companies, State Financial Corporations, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Credit Card Companies who are Members of CIBIL. The intent of CIBIL report is to help credit lender make detailed lending decisions – quickly and neutrally, and enable quick processing of your credit applications to give you speedier access to credit at better terms.

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1000+ Happy customers trust LoanRaahi Services

Best customer service!!

I had to just fill 1-one at LoanRaahi. They automatically searched across 50+ partner banks and NBFCs and gave the best deal to me. They saved me a lot of effort and cost.

Nitin Bhatia
COO, CaterWow Pvt. Ltd

Great Service & Speed!!

I had taken loan for the first time online. Instant assistance and patience from team LoanRaahi helped me apply and get loan easily. Will definitely recommend LoanRaahi for online loan.

Shikha Bhatia
Founder, Shiksha Learning Academy

Lean and Simple Process!!

I am very satisfied with the services and business relation with LoanRaahi. It was easy and simple to get any information regarding loan from them. Timely disburse of loan and well described loan application are the key highlight of the company.

Gaurav Saini
Software Engineer at Manhattan Associates