How long should you expect for a home loan approval?

Ownership of one’s own property/house has, however, become quite an achievable target and the dream since the very availability of loans for homes. However, After going through the lengthy process of choosing a home, a person, however,  looks out for a financial backing that is thus provided by the various banks in the form of “home loans”. However, applying for and also getting an approval on loan is considered as a tedious task as every bank makes sure that the property and the person who is taking the loan both are however genuine.

Every now and then it is however heard over the advertisements that the home loan thus gets sanctioned and the amount is however handed over within a period of seven days or either less.

The purpose of this article is to tell as to how long does it take for home loan approval.

For all the intents and the purposes, a pre-approval is considered as an approval which is subject to a full valuation of the property which the borrower wants  to purchase.

The borrower, however,  needs  to submit a completed mortgage application form along with the supporting documents that the bank, however,  asks for including:

  • The Acceptable forms of ID.
  • The Payslips and the other financials such as the borrower’s most recent group certificate or either a Notice of Assessment if he’s self-employed.
  • Evidence of the savings and/or his deposit, which is usually in the form of a bank statement.
  • Statements for the current debt facilities such as a credit card.

Ultimately, the time which is however taken from submission to the receiving a response from the bank can, however,  vary depending on the complexity of the borrower’s  situation. Thus, by applying through a mortgage broker, the borrower can save however himself a lot of time and also hassle. The reason behind this is however that a good broker would, however, assess the borrower’s entire situation aand alsoorganise his application with the right lender.

A survey was however conducted which was based  on the question as to how many days does the  banks take in order  to sanction their home loan.


Majority of people, 42%, who had taken a home loan however  said that it took 15 to 30 days for them in order to get the sanction and the  approval for their home loan. It was however  closely followed by 31% of the  homebuyers who however  said that it took them more than 30 days in order  to get a sanction on their home loan. The last category also wasn’t however very far as the  people who  thus voted for getting a sanction in less than 15 days came to be around 26%. The results of the survey however  show that the sanction of a home loan is thus  most probably an individualistic trend rather than an industry trend; the documents and also  the smooth scanning of the documents however channelize the early handing over of the home loan amount.

Buying a home is thus one of the most significant financial investments that one however  ever makes; therefore, it is thus  only advisable in order  to do a proper market research and also a  survey prior to the finalizing of  anything.

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